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The label is excited to announce the labels first signing, 18 yr old producer/keyboard phenom Nicholas Cole. Having first caught to attention of the label a few years ago with the release of his self produced debut, Cole has accumulated a rather large and rabid following of believers who, as the label has, have caught a small glimpse of how great he can be. Cole is one of a number of very young artists that have come to embrace the genre and inject a new excitement and edge to a format that has been stagnant over the last few years. This is our future and CutMore Records is proud to be leading the way as we blaze a new trail and pump new life into contemporary instrumental music.

Coles label debut features 14 self produced originals and features cameos from Steve Cole, Julian Vaughn, Tim Bowman, Lynne Fiddmont, Steve Oliver and another talented newcomer Vincent Ingala. The lead single goes to radio late June early July and will be available in stores Sept 11..

New Artist:

Nicholas Cole

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